Adoptable Pets

Each dog has been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, received tick/flea medication, and has been dewormed while fostered and nurtured in a family home. 

 **Adoptables too small to be fixed are on a "foster to adopt" contract; and only available for adoption in the Fresno area. Once fixed by our vet, they are ready for a formal adoption.


Penny is a 7-month Maltese (possibly mix).  She weighs about 5 pounds. Penny is super friendly and loves attention.

Patches **

Patches is 8 week old and currently weighs 2 pounds.
She is a puppy, so she loves EVERYONE she meets! 


Stewy looks to be a Pekinese/Chi cross.  His foster mom  says he's a total LOVE BUG!! He's house trained, and crated at night. The couch is his favorite day place!


Chiquita is about 2-3 years old, and weighs about 8 pounds. She's leash trained, house trained, crate trained, and likes other dogs. She's an absolute lapdog!


Sophie is a 3 year old husky/pit mix.; great for the active owner. Crate trained, potty trained,  and loves kids. She's shy, but loves to give kisses and is dog friendly.

Mr. Miyagi

Look at those adorable teefs! Found dumped in a field with HUNDREDS of foxtails, but is now doing great! He's sweet and funny, potty trained; and dog, cat, kid friendly. 


 Thelma was left  with her sister Weezy at Fresno Humane. She's 8 yrs old. Thelma is very loving, friendly, curious and playful. Thelma gets along with other dogs, but she and Weezy are a bonded pair to be adopted together.


Weezy was left with her sister Thelma at Fresno Humane. She's 5 yrs old, and very sweet. While blind from cataracts, once she is familiar with surrounds, she is very adventurous and curious. She and her sister Thelma are a bonded pair. 

Little Girl

Little Girl is 3-4 years old. She is a sweet girl, for sure, and gets along with the other doggies in the home .Little Girl's foster says she has great manners, and is doing amazing.

Buddy B.

Buddy B is the sweetest one eyed Shitzu mix ever! He lost his eye to a foxtail, but it doesn't bother him at all! Buddy B is potty trained, is a  cuddler, and loves people.


Oh sweet Daisy... another shy, terrified little brown Chi sitting in a shelter. Daisy is 6-7 years old,; weighs 11 pounds. Gets along with both dogs/cats and loves watching Netflix with foster mom Paula. 


Meet gorgeous Sherman... another diamond in the rough from Fresno Humane. 


Melting hearts with his charm and playfulness...its Fernando!
He's 4 months old and absolutely LOVES everyone he meets. 

Mutt Transformations

It's amazing what a little love, time, and good care can do for a stray or abandoned dog... to be the best fur baby for their new families!

Interested in adopting?

Applications are accepted for all available rescued dogs.  

All dogs have been fully vetted with spay/neuter, vaccinations, dewormed, and flea/tick medications. 

For more information on specific dogs, please email [email protected]

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