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Our ‘rescue’ adventure began just about 4 years ago when my brother found 2 lost dogs.
Unclaimed and unwanted, they found themselves in a local kill-shelter facing the sad walk into the euthanasia room. I couldn’t let that happen... so I fought, begged and pleaded for help.  It all fell on deaf ears, so I jumped into action and have NEVER looked back.

I was able to find those dogs great homes (after they were fixed of course); but through this experience I saw huge need to help the stray, homeless, and unwanted doggies of our community.

Over the past 4 years we have rescued, chased, trapped, and fixed hundreds of doggies;  even breaking both ankles in pursuit of a stray doggy!

I’m very passionate about this work; and have many friends, family, and community members who also support this work as donors and volunteers.

Rescue in Action

The work of Mell's Mutts is "boots on the ground"; with both their leader and an  army of volunteers putting their passion for saving animals in action. 

Without a physical facility, Mell's Mutts
is completely foster based as dogs move toward adoption. We could not do this work without our foster homes.

The work is sometimes relentless and unforgiving, but we are grateful for the support that allows us to do this work. 

We are a 501(c) nonprofit.

Mell's Mutts was given the non-profit 501c3
“Buy, Sell, Rescue Inc.” by a good friend; a real estate broker who wanted to infuse his real estate business with his passion for rescuing dogs. We ‘do business as’ Mell’s Mutts.

We are registered under EIN 82-2006642.

Please contact [email protected] with questions or for more information.

Mell's Mutts is a registered 501(c) non profit. 

Tax ID#82-2006642

Working Today For A Better Tomorrow! 

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